This is my first blog, my first blog post, and my first word of the week. It’s an inaugural event warranting exclamation! But, WOW is not really an exclamation, it’s just an acronym. WOW=Word of the Week. Clever, eh? I am nothing if not brilliant with acronyms.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am totally ripping off this idea. My husband reminded me of something our friends in Summit, NJ had told us about. Summit is a beautiful town located quite close to New York City. It is loaded with investment bankers, doctors, intellectuals and generally wealthy East Coast types. It will cost you a fortune to live there but, good heavens, you can be in NYC in about 25 minutes and still live on a leafy, tree-lined street surrounded by stately homes and organic food stores. Truthfully, I’d be happy to live there. But I digress…. In Summit, our friends’ neighbor would post a sign on his lawn periodically with a single word. It sparked speculation, conversation and consternation. My WOW may or may not be related to something going on in the world or my little corner of it. It may be a word that simply caught my attention in my daily doings or current reading. (Be forewarned – I am reading Oscar Wilde at the moment.) So, without further ado (although this seems a lot of ado about one simple word), this week’s WOW is:


My inspiration? Lord Henry says to Dorian Gray,

“Because you have the most marvelous youth, and youth is the one thing worth having.”

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

4 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. My thoughts on youth…. Lord Henry says that youth is the only thing worth having. Of course I disagree with him. He is an Oscar Wilde character, drawn to point out our own shallowness in a humorous way. We poke fun at ourselves through him. I think there are a lot of things worth having: experience, compassion and love for others, a book to read, patience, something to eat, a sense of humor, a flat white from Starbucks….and these are in no particular order and the list is certainly not exhaustive. As for youth, truly I am sad to be losing it. The woman in the mirror is pretty startling sometimes! But, I know I am trading youthfulness for some of those things on that list, especially experience, more love, patience, and memories, too. Another positive aspect to aging (especially for women) is the freedom to say and do what we want. I see this in some of my friends. We feel free to be ourselves more fully. I’m hoping I make it to the stage where I can wear a muumuu and tell everyone what I REALLY think. I expect that will happen next week.


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