WOW February 4, 2015

I am returning from a quick trip to Connecticut to see my family, especially my Dad. Since moving to Charlotte, I kind of forgot about Northeast snow days. Of course, I remembered the thrill of the auto dialed call telling us that school is cancelled, the hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows that never really survive beyond the initial few stirs but gosh I hope they will every time, and staying in pajamas for a few extra hours. I remember the shoveling, too. I remember that really well right now since I am feeling a few shoveling muscles that haven’t been used in about 2 years. But, what I forgot was the beauty. My Northeast storm caused me to pause and appreciate what is all around me. And that’s my Word of the Week


But why does it take a snowstorm to make us pause? Why does it take a frightening act of nature to make us stop and look around at the beauty that surrounds, includes and embraces us? This particular snowstorm’s pause was accompanied by harmonica music, family visits, crispy M&M’s (they better have those in Charlotte), a football game and laughter. So very much laughter! Dad, it seems you may be in for one hell of a snowstorm and it might be snowing for a long while to come. I’ll help you shovel out from this storm as much as I can and while the snow comes down, let’s try to pause as often and for as long as we can. ❤

3 thoughts on “WOW February 4, 2015

  1. Even though your “pause” was not scheduled well in advance, I am glad you were able to enjoy your time with your family, especially your dad. And most of all, I love the fact that you are reminding us that once in a while, during our busy lives, we have to “stop and smell the roses”…Always looking forward to read your blog! xoxo

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  2. All too often we merely break for a “pause” in the action. Fortunately, this pause was filled with beauty and love of family, and the random strained shoveling butt muscle. The laughter should be as contagious as the snowflakes falling all around you, with your penchant for wit and wonder. Keep working out so that you rise to the top of the snow pile in short order, with a little help from the crispy M&Ms perhaps.

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  3. Kathy, your writing style leaves me in “awe”. You paint such a wonderful scape of your life and thoughts by choosing the right words and words less often traveled. I felt as if I had opened a good book, and like so many TV shows which we watch and enjoy, they end (to be continued…) as did your Blog, because you can’t obviously write about things that have not yet happened? Yet I am left thinking, “well that’s a bummer, I was enjoying this!” I am looking forward to becoming in avid fan and follower. I’m so happy you decided to make time in your life to share the time’s of your life. “Childhood friends forever” and all of my best, Tim


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