WOW March 3, 2015

So much for the discipline of writing… This blog is always in the back of my mind, but ideas are usually discarded as quickly as they crop up. Some of my recent rejections include: Downton Days and Nights, Spring Needs to be Unsprung, and Coffee: Have I Had Enough Today? (Uh, no.) I’ve also thought a lot about ISIS, Bibi Netanyahu, chemotherapy, the biblical roots of Judeo-Christian/Islamic conflict, who will be the Republican nominee for President, the number of people I know who have cancer and why it sucks to be old enough to know so many people with cancer, Cadbury Easter Eggs, my love for Sunday morning news shows on CNN with a special shoutout to Fareed Zakaria, evolving thoughts on the nature of God, if the new patio pergola will look stupid, whether I will muster the strength to jog today, Jewish ideas of the feminine divine, and a new recipe. That list is pretty much just from this morning. It’s a scattered about, cluttered up, muddled and befuddled mind we are dealing with here and it’s a wonder that one foot gets put in front of the other and the laundry ever gets folded. (Sometimes it doesn’t and it just rolls around the dryer for a day or two. I do love that Steam Refresh setting.) So, when my mind becomes too addled by thoughts of the metaphysical, political and mundane, its time to get back to the basics — the Word of the Week (or month, as the case may be). But, whatever shall I choose when there are so many competing ideas? Something grand? Something philosophical? Nope. I chose


It’s a verb, it’s a noun, it’s an aspiration, it’s a simple expression of beauty. This morning I cleaned and clipped two bouquets of flowers and combined them into one disorderly, messy, mismatched bouquet for the kitchen window that is a reflection of my varied, scattered thoughts. Pink, purple, white, yellow, greenery, short, tall, ungainly, compact, roses, weeds, carnations, cultivated and wild. Boy, those flowers sure are pretty. I bet the bouquet in your mind is just as beautiful, too.  

4 thoughts on “WOW March 3, 2015

  1. The messiness of your mind is a veritable bouquet each and every day. But it’s always stunning when you put “pen to paper” and show us all a little bit more of your amazing artistry.


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