The Diet Diaries. Entry #8. 

September 7, 2016

This is starting to get tedious. Both the dieting and the blogging. Yes, yes, yes, it is a “lifestyle change”, I am “doing it for my health” and “salads taste good”. But, still, five months into this “lifestyle change”, it is not yet a habit but remains a horror. Science says it takes between 18 and 254 days to embed a new habit. Always the overachiever, I seem to require the full 254 days because I am 142 days into this living nightmare and the ghost of chocolates past (the bag of M&M’s from Easter 2015 that are still in my pantry) is calling my name. Another setback is my faded hope of Turkey Trotting (bye, bye stuffing dreams!). A torn meniscus and arthritic knees have me off the treadmill. Maybe I’ll walk it, and maybe I’ll just drink cinnamon apple sangria. We all know how this is gonna go down….I’m going to wash the punch bowl next week. 

But before we get too down in the mouth, or heaven forbid stuff it with Reese’s peanut butter cups, there is good news to share. First of all, I have a chin! Secondly, remember that airline seat that caused me to get my shit together and has haunted me like those clowns in South Carolina? It’s got inches to spare. And finally, you know how I’m not going to focus on pounds but rather “how I feel” (Hahahahaha! Oh boy, I crack myself up!)? There are fifty-one fewer of them. So, take that stale M&M’s! Your sweet siren song will not tempt me. Okay, it will. But, I can do this for ten more seconds.