My Road
We have all read or at least heard of Robert Frost’s maxim that taking the road less traveled makes all the difference. But, some of us take a road that has been travelled many, many times before. That’s how my life worked out. Despite my young self having harbored dreams of a career as a globe-trotting international diplomat, I find myself living the life of a middle-aged wife and mother in the suburbs and I am very firmly rooted to hearth and home. (There is strong emphasis on the word “very”. Like “very, very”. Like “I Am Happiest In My Big Chair-and-a-half Next To The Fireplace With A Cup Of Coffee Pontificating On The State Of The World” kind of very.) To my great astonishment, it is a satisfying and full life. With apologies to Mr. Frost, when I came upon two roads that diverged in the wood, I took the one often travelled, and still, it has made all the difference to me.

Herein are my musings, thoughts, and commentary on family, life in the suburbs, cooking, and geopolitical conflict. I may not be a globe-trotting diplomat and international woman of mystery, but I’ve still got some opinions. Oh, and coffee. There’s probably going to be some talk of coffee or at least a fair amount of it splashed on my keyboard.

Comments are welcomed, encouraged and desired. However, not everyone likes to put their thoughts out on the Internet for all to see. (That’s not how I roll, but I certainly respect your privacy if that’s how you approach life.) If you want to comment privately, please feel free to email me. If you are a keyboard warrior and want to debate me about my preference for cappuccinos over your undying love for lattes, then perhaps it is best for you not to engage me in battle for I will not capitulate. On most other topics I am pleased to hear about your opinions and might even change mine based on your thoughtful arguments. Then again, I might not.

imageI’m a wife and mother of two living in North Carolina. That whole “North Carolina” thing still sounds weird. I’m from a small town in Connecticut and lived in New Jersey for nearly 20 years before moving to North Carolina. So, I’m a “glass half full” newly minted Southern belle with very practical and straightforward small town New England roots tinged with some New Jersey bravado. Yeah, that about covers it.

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