WOW March 25, 2015

These should really be called Word of the Whenever I Feel Like It, but WWIFLI is not a very good acronym because it sounds like airplane Internet access. (Hmmm….. maybe I should be trademarking that.) Anyway, I’m back and thinking about recent life challenges. As you all know, my father passed away on March 8. But, this isn’t really about that, or just about that, or maybe it’s all about that? My WOW is


I see them everywhere right now. They are in the path of so many people that I cherish in my life. Just off the top of my head, my near and dear ones are facing: a significant medical obstacle, a real estate obstacle, professional obstacles, spiritual obstacles, growth and change obstacles, financial obstacles, and then there is this one, too:

I REALLY want to get to my coffee, but there is a dog in my way. He alternately chases squirrels and sits on me all day. That’s not such a bad obstacle for me, now that I think about it, because I WILL get to that foamy delight and he will NEVER catch a squirrel. But, he’ll keep trying. Every. Damn. Day. And he will do it with enthusiasm, delight, and conviction, terrorizing birds along the way just for the fun of it. Now there is my living, breathing, wriggling, loving lesson on how to handle obstacles.

WOW March 3, 2015

So much for the discipline of writing… This blog is always in the back of my mind, but ideas are usually discarded as quickly as they crop up. Some of my recent rejections include: Downton Days and Nights, Spring Needs to be Unsprung, and Coffee: Have I Had Enough Today? (Uh, no.) I’ve also thought a lot about ISIS, Bibi Netanyahu, chemotherapy, the biblical roots of Judeo-Christian/Islamic conflict, who will be the Republican nominee for President, the number of people I know who have cancer and why it sucks to be old enough to know so many people with cancer, Cadbury Easter Eggs, my love for Sunday morning news shows on CNN with a special shoutout to Fareed Zakaria, evolving thoughts on the nature of God, if the new patio pergola will look stupid, whether I will muster the strength to jog today, Jewish ideas of the feminine divine, and a new recipe. That list is pretty much just from this morning. It’s a scattered about, cluttered up, muddled and befuddled mind we are dealing with here and it’s a wonder that one foot gets put in front of the other and the laundry ever gets folded. (Sometimes it doesn’t and it just rolls around the dryer for a day or two. I do love that Steam Refresh setting.) So, when my mind becomes too addled by thoughts of the metaphysical, political and mundane, its time to get back to the basics — the Word of the Week (or month, as the case may be). But, whatever shall I choose when there are so many competing ideas? Something grand? Something philosophical? Nope. I chose


It’s a verb, it’s a noun, it’s an aspiration, it’s a simple expression of beauty. This morning I cleaned and clipped two bouquets of flowers and combined them into one disorderly, messy, mismatched bouquet for the kitchen window that is a reflection of my varied, scattered thoughts. Pink, purple, white, yellow, greenery, short, tall, ungainly, compact, roses, weeds, carnations, cultivated and wild. Boy, those flowers sure are pretty. I bet the bouquet in your mind is just as beautiful, too.  

WOW February 4, 2015

I am returning from a quick trip to Connecticut to see my family, especially my Dad. Since moving to Charlotte, I kind of forgot about Northeast snow days. Of course, I remembered the thrill of the auto dialed call telling us that school is cancelled, the hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows that never really survive beyond the initial few stirs but gosh I hope they will every time, and staying in pajamas for a few extra hours. I remember the shoveling, too. I remember that really well right now since I am feeling a few shoveling muscles that haven’t been used in about 2 years. But, what I forgot was the beauty. My Northeast storm caused me to pause and appreciate what is all around me. And that’s my Word of the Week


But why does it take a snowstorm to make us pause? Why does it take a frightening act of nature to make us stop and look around at the beauty that surrounds, includes and embraces us? This particular snowstorm’s pause was accompanied by harmonica music, family visits, crispy M&M’s (they better have those in Charlotte), a football game and laughter. So very much laughter! Dad, it seems you may be in for one hell of a snowstorm and it might be snowing for a long while to come. I’ll help you shovel out from this storm as much as I can and while the snow comes down, let’s try to pause as often and for as long as we can. ❤


This is my first blog, my first blog post, and my first word of the week. It’s an inaugural event warranting exclamation! But, WOW is not really an exclamation, it’s just an acronym. WOW=Word of the Week. Clever, eh? I am nothing if not brilliant with acronyms.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am totally ripping off this idea. My husband reminded me of something our friends in Summit, NJ had told us about. Summit is a beautiful town located quite close to New York City. It is loaded with investment bankers, doctors, intellectuals and generally wealthy East Coast types. It will cost you a fortune to live there but, good heavens, you can be in NYC in about 25 minutes and still live on a leafy, tree-lined street surrounded by stately homes and organic food stores. Truthfully, I’d be happy to live there. But I digress…. In Summit, our friends’ neighbor would post a sign on his lawn periodically with a single word. It sparked speculation, conversation and consternation. My WOW may or may not be related to something going on in the world or my little corner of it. It may be a word that simply caught my attention in my daily doings or current reading. (Be forewarned – I am reading Oscar Wilde at the moment.) So, without further ado (although this seems a lot of ado about one simple word), this week’s WOW is:


My inspiration? Lord Henry says to Dorian Gray,

“Because you have the most marvelous youth, and youth is the one thing worth having.”

Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?